Friday, April 17, 2009

BIG apology!

It has just come to our attention that some emails sent to our Crop for Kids email account have gone to the Spam folder. I take full responsibility for that, as I should have been checking there. Sadly, it just didn't occur to me. I definitely answered all emails I did receive, so if you emailed and didn't hear back, your email is one that would have gone to the Spam folder. I sincerely apologise. A costly mistake on my part and one that won't happen again.

Jess Lothian
Crop for Kids

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came on Saturday, and to all of our sponsors. Thanks to you we will be donating somewhere between $4500 and $5000 to the Good Friday Appeal.

This is a smaller result than the past two years, but that wasn't unexpected. We had heard from many people that they had given so heavily to the bushfire appeals that they couldn't afford to give much more - both in terms of donations and personal spending at the crop. We understand that, as we too have supported the bushfire appeals and know money only spreads so far. But that still equates to over $24,000 raised by scrapbookers for the Good Friday Appeal in only three years! That's an incredible effort. Well done everyone!

We also had a small drop in attendance, also mainly due to the many bushfire appeal crops that have been held. It's great to see so many people using their hobby (and their businesses) to benefit people in need.

We are always open to feedback, and would encourage you to email us on with any comments or suggestions. If the crop is to be held again next year, I believe that we also need some new committee members with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. If you think you'd like to be involved, please email us.