Friday, October 19, 2007


Sorry, I'm 10 minutes late in announcing the winner. The winner of the FREE TICKET TO CROP FOR KIDS 2008 is ......


CONGRATULATIONS, LAURA!!!!!! You get to come to the crop on 15 March 2008 for FREE!!!!! Laura, please email me at , your full name, address, and telephone number so I can keep a record on our end to issue you a free ticket when the tickets are up for sale.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in.

Have a good weekend!


Laura said...

Yippee!!!! i am so excited about it! :) Will email you straight away :)

ondaatje said...

congrats laura!! Look forward to meting you next year at C4K - it's gonna a be a fabbo day!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura. so proud of you as you have now officially broken into the scrapbooking world.

You go girl!!